This site was initially developed for the unconference panel on ‘Decentering and recentering South African social anthropology/ies’, that took place at the Anthropology Southern African 2016 conference at the University of Venda, from 30 September to 2 October.

The site contains various readings and videos, both for use in preparation of the panel, but also for curating and continued discussions after the conference. Please use the hashtag #DESAnthro when you engage with this topic on social media platforms.

Science is a social field of forces, struggles, and relationships that is defined at every moment by the relations of power among the protagonists. Scientific choices are guided by taken-for-granted assumptions, interactive with practices, as to what constitutes real and important problems, valid methods, and authentic knowledge. Such choices also are shaped by the social capital controlled by various positions and stances within the field.” — Pierre Bourdieu 1991 The peculiar history of scientific reason.

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